2021 International in Torre del Mar, Spain


XVII International Meeting of Antique Iron Collectors

The next International Meeting has been scheduled on the 23, 24, 25 & 26 of September, 2021 at Torre del Mar, near Malaga on the Costa del Sol, Spain. 

International Meeting Update 10/9/19


The XVII International Meeting of Antique Iron Collectors will be celebrated September 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2021 in Torre del Mar, Málaga, Spain.

There will be interpreters every day in order to make it easier to communicate between collectors.

Information is now being collected to estimate how many collectors are interested in the following:

  • Attending the meeting. 
  • Present a program or display.
  • Set up a table for trading or other (buying,selling, etc).
  • Touring the surrounding areas after the conclusion of the meeting.

Please sign up now if you are interested in the International Meeting. This will place you on an email list to receive further updates. Signing up now does not commit you to attend. 

Once all the forms have been received, work will commence on the official program.



Pierre Lachnowicz


Text of original email from Pierre Lachnowicz:

Good day to every antique iron collector.

The XVII International Meeting of Antique Iron Collectors will be celebrated as said in June the days 23-24-25-26 os September 2021 in Torre del Mar (Málaga - Spain) inside an old sugar cane factory.

There are 2 years yet to arrive at this date, there are plenty of projects for this event but nothing is sure yet, first of all we need to do the first step,

I need to know and be able to contact with the collector coming to the meeting. It is very important for me to know the number of people that would like to assist, for example here we have plenty of restaurants, Tapas bar and Beach restaurants but is not the same to look for room for 80, 100, 120 or 150 people to get a quality budget, I would like to get you the best place possible,

I'd also like to know the collectors interested in intervene making a demonstration or explication about some irons or the collectors that would like a table for trading or else.

There will be interpreters every day in order to make it easier to communicate between collectors.

For the accomodation, there are several possible ways, short-stay hotels, group hotels, renting for a longer time in the town center or facing the sea or if someone would desire mountain with seaview (Car would be required) also camping is posible, there are 2 campsites inside the towns, greatly located.

It is yet too early for booking, In one year we will talk again about stay but you can ask me.

Also some collectors would like to visit Andalucia after the meeting is over... Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada and Ronda and possibly Gibraltar, all of them magnificient cities and essential visits for those who don't know them yet. The best way is to stay in the same hotel/apartment in Torre del Mar, one day a trip with guide to Seville (the farthest one, 2 hours trip) the next day, break in Torre del Mar but it is possible to visit Málaga, Nerja, Frigiliana or others "White" towns of la Axarquía, next day Córdoba, 1h 30 car trip, then another break day but you can continue visiting other towns or enjoy the beach. 3rd trip will be Ronda, then another day break and the last trip to Granada, which is 1 hour from here, to see the Alhambra dn historical center of the city. every trip is planned with meals and guides. For me this is the best way to travel without luggage and rest at the same time. Interested people, please sign up in the form

Sign-up form for the XVII International antique iron collectors meeting: With this form, every collector will be officially inside the list for the event but as we all say "If health allows it" for this reason, you can leave the list later without any inconvenience.

When I receive all forms, we can work on the program.


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 Cordiales Saludos

Pierre Lachnowicz

Information about the area (Spain)

Promotional video for this area. Torre del Mar, Velez Malaga and la Caleta

Torre del Mar is a small town located in the east side of Costa del Sol. Our tourism is mainly families that come during the high season. During winter time, we are visited by retired persons from the north of Europe; they come looking for sun and warm temperatures. That is the reason we have the slogan “TORRE DEL MAR ALL YEAR ROUND”.

Many of the restaurants on the sea side are open all year long. Of course, there are other amenities, like sailing or playing golf.   Our town is part of an area call Axarquía, named by the Arabs that were here for eight centuries. Thanks to the climate we have, in this part of Andalucía we grow Muscat grape, Olive tree, Avocado, Mango, Papaya and many other subtropical fruits.  

There are so many wonderful places to visit, but don’t miss to visit Nerja, Frigiliana, Torrox, Algarrobo, Competa, Comares and the spectacular city of Málaga. If you have more time to enjoy our culture don ́t forget Sevilla (2 hours by car);  Cordoba 1h30, Granada 1h, Ronda 2h and Gibraltar 2h. Torre del Mar is the ideal place for vacations.  


Pierre Lachnowicz

Event Organizer  

About meeting organizer Pierre Lachnowicz

Pierre Lachnowicz maintains a dynamic website featuring his collection: ColeccionDePlanchasAntiquas

He also exhibits 2,000 ironing related artifacts in the building of the Ancient Sugar Mill of Torre del Mar. Enjoy this video which will tour you through his museum.