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Articles featuring PITCA Members

1. The Arcane Charms of Mangle Boards, The New York Times review of Jay Raymond's book, 5/14/2015.

2. Sad Iron Man: A Maine Geologist featuring Kevin & Kate McCartney. Collector's Weekly, 8/21/2020. 


3. "Ion Chirescu is an architect and real estate investor. But the passion that took him to the Guinness Book of Records was to collect."

The article Who is the Romanian who entered the Guinness Book of Records with the impressive collection of corkscrews? by Monica Tanasea features PITCA member Ion Chirescu. It's written in Romanian and appeared in on 11/20/2018. It includes images.

Article translation (without images) using Google Translate. 
Both the original article and our translation are shared with permission of the publication

Guinness Book of World Records ✽ Irons & Trivets

PITCA member Ion Chirescu was instrumental in the  establishment of the Museum of Romanian Records in Bucharest, Romania. This museum houses the world’s largest collections of pressing irons, trivets and corkscrews and much more.

See also 2 related videos about the Museum of Romanian Records.

Meeker's Laundry & Ironing Archive

Some very interesting and important ironing and laundry related antiques have been sold over the past 20+ years by PITCA members Carole & Larry Meeker on their website, Mechanical Nature Antiques.

Explore their archives: Antique Pressing Irons & Sad Irons plus Laundry Related Antiques