Exhibits and Museums


These Exhibits and Museums, all by PITCA members, are an example of the passion and dedication our collectors have for irons, trivets and other laundry day collectibles. 

Razvan Lesevschi's Pressing Iron Exhibit


Romanian iron collector and PITCA member Razvan Lesevschi recently exhibited his antique pressing irons at several venues in Romania. He has over 150 irons in his collection.

See the Photo Album: Razvan Lesevschi Exhibit, March 2018

Arnie Stein's Minnestota Iron Museum


PITCA member Arnie Stein of Minnesota is the proud owner of more than 3,000 irons, some dating back to the early 1700s. Arnie's Iron Museum is located near Morris, Minnesota and tours are available by appointment only. For more information, call Arnie Stein at 320-589-2249. Video courtesy of WCCO-CBS Minnesota, 11/19/2017

See also this article entitled A Real Iron Man by Bud Prescott in Sr Perspective, 6/1/15.

Ion Chirescu's Museum of Romanian Records


PITCA member Ion Chirescu established the Museum of Romanian Records in Bucharest which houses the world’s largest collections of corkscrews, pressing irons, and trivets. Check out the information at his website! And this video showcases some of his rare and beautiful irons. 

See also Dana Gonț’s blog post (English version) entitled World's largest corkscrew and pressing iron collection.

Jack Horbal's Iron Display


No hobby thrives in isolation, and iron collecting is no exception.

PITCA members are proud of their collections and enjoy the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. Even smaller displays can be quite effective in introducing the public to the wide variety of irons and stimulating their interest in collecting! 

Back in 2014, PITCA member Jack Horbal and fellow iron collector Herman Weimar created this pressing iron display that atracted many favorable comments. For more information and a photo album, see the Horbal/Weimar Iron Display