Flat Irons


"Flat irons or sad irons include all those irons that are used solely for smoothing and are constructed of cast or wrought iron. Included in this category are those irons which were designed to have cooler or cold handles - ie., detachable wood handles, handles with holes, handles with insulation, and heat shields or other unique designs which can keep the iron handle cooler than the iron base." David Irons, Irons By Irons, page 95.

Asbestos Sad Irons

Asbestos Sad Iron Set in Original Wooden Box.

Sold by Hartzell's Auction Gallery at the Balestri Auction on 7/12/18 for $90.

These sad irons were sold by the Dover Manufacturing Company, Canal Dover, Ohio (Canal Dover is now known simply as Dover), circa 1900. The asbestos lining under a removable hood prevented heat from traveling up into the handle.

The Flood of 1913, the greatest natural disaster in Ohio history, severely damaged the Dover Manufacturing Company. It's unsure when the last Asbestos sad iron was produced, but by 1916 Dover was experimenting with electric irons. The company ceased to exist in 1936 when bought by Knapp-Monarch.