Goffering irons were used "for ruffling, frilling and pleating fabrics as early as the 12th century in France. In use, the poker/slug provided heat to the barrel which varied in size depending on the size of the ruff desired. Ruffs were made by placing the dampened fabric on the heated barrel and then repeating the process to produce a pattern of ruffs. The use of goffering irons was mainly confined to England and the European countries."David Irons,  Irons By Irons, page 45.

Single Goffering Iron with Trivet

Single goffering iron with 4 1/2" barrel attached to an ornate 9" x 6" trivet with four ball feet. Overall height = 6 1/2". Sold by Hartzell's Auction Gallery at the Balestri Auction on 7/12/18 for $2,500.


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