Past Auctions

Past Auctions and Prices Realized


Since values fluctuate over time the Prices Realized may not reflect current Value. Instead, Past Auctions provide a glimpse into the collections of others and to what is considered collectible.

Some auction houses may require you to register/sign in before viewing the sale prices.

The Pat & Bunny Turner Auction * 12/21/19

Here are the Prices Realized.

Pat and Bunny Turner were long time members of PITCA and passionate about their collection of pressing irons and other laundry items. They also had an equally impressive still bank collection. 

This online only auction was conducted by Pridhams Auctioneers in Ontario, Canada.

The Dave & Sue Irons Auction, Part 2 * 11/9/19

This auction was held by Hartzell's Auction Gallery.

The Prices Realized are posted on LiveAuctioneers: Iron Collection of Dave & Sue Irons, Part II

Decorative Arts Auction * 11/01/19

November 1, 2019: Decorative Arts Auction presented by Pook & Pook on LiveAuctioneers. 7 Lots of Trivets and 8 Lots of Sad Irons

Rich Penn Collectors Auction * 11/01/19

November 1, 2019: Rich Penn Collector Auction Session One. 3 Lots of Horseshoe Plaque Trivets

Brookwell Collection of Ironing Implements * 10/2/19

Held October 2, 2019 in Oxford, England

Here is the catalog with the Prices Realized.

The Dave & Sue Irons Auction * 8/01/19

The Dave & Sue Irons' Auction preceded the 2019 PITCA convention on Thursday, August 1st, 2019.

Here is the catalog with the Prices Realized.

The Mary Balestri Collection *July & August 2018

Part 1 Prices Realized on Live Auctioneers on 7/12/18

Part 2 Prices Realized on Live Auctioneers on 8/12/18

Dr. Raymond Thomas Collection * February, April & May, 2018

Auction #1 ended on February 25, 2018. Prices Realized
Auction #2 ended on April 7, 2018. Prices Realized
Auction #3 ended on May 5, 2018. Prices Realized

Duane Garrett Pressing Iron and Trivet Auction * 11/2017 & 2/2018

Phase I of the auction ended on 11/16/17. Here are the Prices Realized.

Phase II of this auction ended on 2/01/18. Here are the Prices Realized.

Lorraine Kniefel Iron Auction * 11/13/17

This auction ended on 11/13/17. Here are the Prices Realized.

Vintage Antique Iron Sale * 7/27/17

The Vintage Antique Iron Sale Catalog with Prices Realized is available on LiveAuctioneers.

The Charles Herrick Fluter Collection * 4/29/17

Roth Collection of Early American Iron * 2014

The Skinner- Roth Auction Catalog

Click Here for Prices Realized

Pressing Iron Collection of Leo & Nina Smith * 7/24/14

Prices Realized are posted on Proxibid