Past Auctions


~ Past Auctions and Prices Realized ~

Since values fluctuate over time the Prices Realized may not reflect current Value.
Instead, Past Auctions provide a glimpse into the collections of others and to what is considered collectible.
Some auction houses may require you to register/sign in before viewing the sale prices.

The Dave & Sue Irons Auction * 8/01/19

The Dave & Sue Irons' Auction preceded the 2019 PITCA convention on Thursday, August 1st, 2019.

Here is the catalog with the Prices Realized.

The Mary Balestri Collection *July & August 2018

Part 1 Prices Realized on Live Auctioneers on 7/12/18

Part 2 Prices Realized on Live Auctioneers on 8/12/18

Dr. Raymond Thomas Collection * February, April & May, 2018

Auction #1 ended on February 25, 2018. Prices Realized
Auction #2 ended on April 7, 2018. Prices Realized
Auction #3 ended on May 5, 2018. Prices Realized

Duane Garrett Pressing Iron and Trivet Auction * 11/2017 & 2/2018

Phase I of the auction ended on 11/16/17. Here are the Prices Realized.

Phase II of this auction ended on 2/01/18. Here are the Prices Realized.

Lorraine Kniefel Iron Auction * 11/13/17

This auction ended on 11/13/17. Here are the Prices Realized.

Vintage Antique Iron Sale * 7/27/17

The Vintage Antique Iron Sale Catalog with Prices Realized is available on LiveAuctioneers.

The Charles Herrick Fluter Collection * 4/29/17

Roth Collection of Early American Iron * 2014

The Skinner- Roth Auction Catalog

Click Here for Prices Realized

Pressing Iron Collection of Leo & Nina Smith * 7/24/14

Prices Realized are posted on Proxibid