Patent Models are very collectible and rare. To learn more about the history of Patent Models in the United States, and about the destruction suffered after two fires in the US Patent Office, see the following article by Donald W. Hogan. Unwanted Treasures of the Patent Office. American Heritage Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2, February 1958.

Barnes "Swan on Swan" Slug Iron

Improvements in Sad Irons in Google Patents.

Daniel A. Barnes of New York, NY

Patent No. 197,958 issued on December 11, 1877

"The object of this invention is to furnish an improved iron for smoothing and polishing clothes, which shall be so constructed as to protect the hand of the operator from the heat, and render the employment of a holder unnecessary, which will not soil or stain the clothes, may be kept hot with a small fire, or with a fire that is being used for other purposes, and which shall be convenient in use, and neat and beautiful in appearance."


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