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Upcoming Auctions


The annual PITCA Auction, this year presented by Hartzell's Auction Gallery, is traditionally held prior to the Annual Convention. In 2024 there will be TWO auctions: one featuring miniature irons followed by another featuring full sized examples. The LiveAuctioneer auction links are provided below. Note: Both auctions are open to the public.

Past Auctions ✽ Prices Realized

Past auctions provide a glimpse into the collections of others and to what is considered rare and more collectible. Since values fluctuate over time, the Prices Realized may not reflect current value. Note: some auction houses may require you to register before viewing the sale prices.

Note: Auctions identified as PITCA took place the day before that years' annual convention. 

James Elwood Trivet Auction ✽ 1/26/24

This auction was held January 26, 2024 in Glendale, Arizona, USA. Auctioneer: E J ‘s Auction & Appraisal.

Trivets Lots 7001-7106: Prices Realized

Note: The remainder of trivets from the Ellwood estate will be sold in 2024, presented in smaller lots, also by E. J.'s.

PITCA ✽ Carson, Irons & Lapp Auction ✽ 7/27/23

The 2023 PITCA Pre-Convention Auction was held on Thursday, July 27th by Hartzell's Auction Gallery. The 608 Lots included irons, trivets & mangle boards from the collections of William "Buck" Carson, David & Sue Irons, and Madaline Lapp. 

View the PRICES REALIZED on LiveAuctioneers.

Carson, Irons & Haas Auction ✽ 4/30/23

On April 30, 2023 an Online Only Auction was held by Hartzell's Auction Gallery on LiveAuctioneers. Included were examples from the collections of Buck Carson, Dave Irons and Ed Haas. Prices Realized

Mathis Trivet Collection Auction ✽ 4/23/23

Trivets from the Lois Mathis collection were consigned with the Atlanta Auction Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. This Auction ended on April 23, 2023. The trivets were organized in Lot #79 through #121. Prices Realized

Read more about this collection at Trivetology: The Mathis trivet collection & auction

Copake New Years Auction (D. Irons) ✽ 2/02/23

Copake Auction, Inc. New Years Day Auction
January 1, 2023 @ 10 AM EST on LiveAuctioneers.
Included were items from the Dave & Sue Irons collection: 13 Mangle Boards, 20 Lots of irons, several examples of Tramp Art, and more. Prices Realized

PITCA ✽ The William "Buck" Carson Auction, Part 2 ✽ 7/28/22

This was the second auction from the collection of the late Buck Carson. It was held one day prior to the 2022 PITCA Convention. Presented by Hartzell's Auction Gallery on LiveAuctioneers. Prices Realized

Arnie Stein Pressing Iron Collection ✽ 6/28/22

This auction of the late Arnie Stein’s collection included 2,000 pressing irons and 1,000 trivets plus toys and other collectibles.

Presented by Fahey Sales, a Jeff Martin Auctioneers Company), Glencoe, MN. Prices Realized

Arnie Stein's Iron Museum video

Dave and Sue Irons & Buck Carson Auction ✽ 4/10/22

This was an online-only auction from the collections of Dave & Sue Irons and the late William "Buck" Carson.

Presented by Hartzell's Auction Gallery on LiveAuctioneers. Prices Realized

The Jerry & Marge Jankowski Collection ✽ 2/03/22

The Jerry and Marge Jankowski Collection of Rare Fluting and Pressing Irons with related collectibles was presented on LiveAuctioneers by Soulis Auctions of Lone Jack, MO. Prices Realized

PITCA ✽ William "Buck" Carson Auction, Part 1 ✽ 7/29/21

The William "Buck" Carson Iron Auction was presented by Hartzell's Auction Gallery prior to the 2021 PITCA Convention. PRICES REALIZED 

Lot 220 being auctioned This was the German "Angry Duck" sad iron that sold for $8500. Video by Hartzell's Auction Gallery.

Kevin Talks Irons video: #46 Live At The Auction 

The Dave & Sue Irons Auction, part 4 ✽ 11/07/20

This auction was held by Hartzell's Auction Gallery.

The Prices Realized are posted on LiveAuctioneers: Iron Collection of Dave & Sue Irons, Part IV

The Dave & Sue Irons Auction, part 3 ✽ 5/02/20

This auction was held by Hartzell's Auction Gallery.

The Prices Realized are posted on LiveAuctioneers: Iron Collection of Dave & Sue Irons, Part III

The Dave & Sue Irons Auction, Part 2 ✽ 11/09/19

This auction was held by Hartzell's Auction Gallery.

The Prices Realized are posted on LiveAuctioneers: Iron Collection of Dave & Sue Irons, Part II

Decorative Arts Auction ✽ 11/01/19

November 1, 2019: Decorative Arts Auction presented by Pook & Pook on LiveAuctioneers. 15 Lots of Sad Irons and Trivets!

Rich Penn Collectors Auction ✽ 11/01/19

November 1, 2019: Rich Penn Collector Auction Session One. 3 Lots of Horseshoe Plaque Trivets

Brookwell Collection of Ironing Implements ✽ 10/02/19

Held by Bonhams on October 2, 2019 in Oxford, England. Catalog with the Prices Realized.

PITCA ✽ Dave & Sue Irons Auction, Part 1 ✽ 8/01/19

The Dave & Sue Irons' Auction preceded the 2019 PITCA convention on Thursday, August 1st, 2019.

Here is the catalog with the Prices Realized.

See also this Dave Irons & Martha Stewart video.

PITCA ✽ The Mary Balestri Collection ✽ July & August 2018

Part 1 Prices Realized on Live Auctioneers on 7/12/18. This first auction preceded the annual PITCA Convention.

Part 2 Prices Realized on Live Auctioneers on 8/12/18.

Both auctions by Hartzell's Auction Gallery.

Dr. Raymond Thomas Collection ✽ February, April & May, 2018

Auction #1 ended on February 25, 2018. Prices Realized
Auction #2 ended on April 7, 2018. Prices Realized
Auction #3 ended on May 5, 2018. Prices Realized

Lorraine Kniefel Iron Auction ✽ 11/13/17

This auction ended on 11/13/17. Here are the Prices Realized.

Vintage Antique Iron Sale ✽ 7/27/17

The Vintage Antique Iron Sale Catalog with Prices Realized is available on LiveAuctioneers.

Selling from three private collector's and their collections. 500 Irons of excellent quality with unusual styles.