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The Politzer Books on Little Irons & Trivets

In 1999, after the death of both parents, the children of Frank and Judy Politzer donated all remaining original editions of Tuesdays Children and Early Tuesday Morning, as well as the copyrights to both books, to our organization.

With this donation the family commented that "Iron collecting was more than a hobby for our parents. It was a passion and a joy! We know they would be pleased that, with your help, people will continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor of love."

PITCA has sold out of the Politzer's second book Early Tuesday Morning - More Little Irons & Trivets but we still have a few copies of their first book. Details below.

Tuesday's Children by Judy & Frank Politzers, 1977


Authors: Judy & Frank Politzer, 1977.

3rd Printing, 2003 by MSICC (now PITCA).

Details: New condition, softcover, 8.5 x 11", comb binding, 270 pages, black & white photographs and illustrations. 

Price: $50 with Free Shipping to the USA. Price of book shipped to foreign countries on request.

To Order from PITCA: Email PITCA Secretary Jerry Marcus

This, their first book, continues to serve as the definitive text concerning Little Irons & Trivets. Judy and Frank Politzer really had a love affair with Little Irons! The illustrations and photographs are the best available about this important aspect of iron collecting.