Collecting Trivets

Network with other Collectors

PITCA Webmaster Lynn Rosack with her collection in 2004. © Fernando Medina

What are the most popular types of trivets to collect? There is no one answer. Collections range from less than a dozen on a wall to trivets in every room of the home. Some collectors focus on one genre of trivet such as Antique American, Horseshoe Plaque or Sad Iron (Advertising) Stands. Others have discovered mid-century Reproduction Trivets, still quite affordable but on the verge of becoming antique themselves. Pressing iron collectors search for the most suitable trivets and stands to display with their irons. But many other collectors are eclectic, buying whatever appeals to them.</p

Have you discovered PITCA member Lynn Rosack's blog Trivetology? There are also a number of fine Reference Books that will facilitate learning and growing as a collector. But nothing compares to handling a wide variety of trivets and stands while discussing their merits with others. Join PITCA and you'll be introduced to other collectors who share your passion. Network with other collectors locally, attend a Regional PITCA Gathering, come to an annual PITCA Auction and Convention ... or travel to an International Meeting! 

 2022-2023 PITCA President Jeannie Marcus and 2018-2019 President Donna Vanover

attending the International Iron Collectors Meeting in Germany, September 2018.

Take the Opportunity to Upgrade

When viewing any museum collection, notice what wonderful condition the majority of pieces are in. This happens by design because, as the opportunity presents itself, display items will be upgraded until near perfection is achieved. The same is true for private collectors. Even though a trivet collection may be considered complete, its quality can always be improved. 

It’s both a pleasure and a privilege to upgrade! After all, it’s only as temporary caretakers that we enjoy these beautiful castings until they are passed along to others.