Selling A Collection?


✽ Disclaimer: PITCA does not provide written appraisals. 

Do you have a significant number of quality irons, trivets and/or other laundry day collectibles that you're considering selling?

PITCA holds an Annual Convention each summer in the Midwest, during the last two weeks of July or first two weeks of August. These conventions are often preceded by an auction, which in past years has produced good results for the collectors.

✽ The Process to Contact PITCA

If you live in the United States and believe your collection might be of interest to serious collectors, Email PITCA. Please provide:
  1. The name of the original collector, if known.
  2. The city and state where the collection is housed. 
  3. An estimate of the number of items in the collection.
  4. What the collection contains such as iron, trivets, sad iron stoves, sprinkler bottles, other laundry day collectibles, and reference materials. 
  5. Representative photographs that provide visual information on the collection's size, scope and condition. Email the images in full resolution so that PITCA can zoom in to see detail.
✽ Other Options
Each collection is interesting in its own way and obviously a labor of love. But only rarely is a collection of the caliber to interest a major auction company.
For collections that may not be auction worthy, PITCA has several suggestions:
  • Try and sell locally.
  • Consider placing an ad with local pickup.
  • Sometimes a dealer or antique market will buy a collection or take it on consignment.
  • Selling on an Internet marketplace like eBay and Etsy is also an option, but the weight of irons (and the cost to ship) becomes a consideration.
  • Some Facebook collecting groups now allow members to Buy, Sell & Trade.
  • Join PITCA and sell directly to members (described below).
We've had instances in the past where a person (often a family member) has joined PITCA in order to network within the club. Membership offers many benefits, including the following opportunities to those with a small collection to sell:
  • Advertise, at no charge, on the PITCA Website in the Members Only Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.
  • Advertise, at no charge, in the quarterly Pressing News.
  • Attend the next PITCA Convention and bring items to the annual Buy & Sell.

If this option is of interest to you, Email PITCA. Again, please provide the information listed above under The Process To Contact PITCA so that we better understand the size and scope of your collection.