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Pittsburgh North Marriott

100 Cranberry Woods Drive, Cranberry Township, PA

Friday & Saturday, July 29-30, 2022

The 3rd Auction from the extensive Buck Carson Pressing Iron Collection will be held here on Thursday, July 28th and is open to the public. Become a PITCA member and stay for the annual convention that follows! Highlights will include Presentations, member Displays, the opportunity to Buy & Sell, and two banquet dinners.


This month's featured image (click to enlarge) shares color variations of the 1946 Silver Streak electric iron. The body, by Corning Glass Works, was composed of heat-resistant Pyrex borosilicate glass. Discussion: Corning Museum of Glass

Pressing Iron Enthusiasts is a Facebook discussion forum moderated by PITCA members. Check it out!

The YouTube series Kevin Talks Irons by PITCA members Kate & Kevin McCartney is intended to educate and entertain the avid collector, beginning collector, antique shop owner, picker and novice alike.

Each video is a mini lesson on a different topic about irons. See the entire list of 55 videos in the series. The most recent video, posted May 15th: Using a Coal Iron in India.

Pressing News

PITCA membership includes a subscription to the Pressing News journal which is published quarterly in September, December, March & June. The March 2022 issue contains the following in-depth articles: 

  1. Nickel-Plated Sad Iron Stands
  2. Harper Sad Irons And Such
  3. The Iron As A Means To An End
  4. Don Lee Electric Iron

Would you like to read a past issue? ★ Click Here to view six articles from the September 2021 issue plus two other articles shared from earlier issues.


Members Only Updates * MAY 2022

1.  Fellow member Kevin McCartney, recounting his Fullbright adventures in India, has just shared a new blog post featuring roadside merchants in the discussion Forum.

2. The next Zoom meeting will be Saturday, June 4th. Read a summary of the April 23rd Zoom Gathering under Zoom Info. 

3. The Swiss Iron Collectors Club will be meeting in Switzerland, May 21-22, 2022. For information email PITCA member Marc Pisler.

4. If you're considering attending the International Meeting of Collectors of Old Flat Irons in Spain this September, please email Jeannie Marcus for additional information. 

5. Take advantage of BuySellTrade and Forum to communicate with fellow members. 

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