Woman ironing, using an electric Westinghouse "M" iron, produced around 1922-1925.

PITCA membership includes a subscription to the Pressing News. Our latest issue, published in June 2019, contains the following in-depth articles: 

  1. National Electric Heating
  2. One Dutch Mangleboard
  3. Two Italian Electrics
  4. Nathan Waterman, Irons and Patents
  5. Button Slot Smoothing Irons
  6. Goffering Irons

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Here are the Prices Realized from the Dave & Sue Irons Auction on 8/1/19.

PITCA Officers 2019 ~ 2020


James Mattimore ~ President

Jerry Marcus ~ Secretary/Treasurer

Jay Raymond ~ Editor, Pressing News

Jackie Lind ~ Librarian

Lynn Rosack ~ Webmaster


Member Updates for AUGUST 2019

1. Congratulations to our new PITCA President James Mattimore! And many thanks to Past President Donna Vanover for a job well done.

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