Attending PITCA'S Annual Convention Has Benefits!

Plan now to attend the Auction & Annual Convention in July.

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  • Where can I find irons and trivets to add to my collection? At the PITCA Convention! There's a day-long auction and then a Buy-and-Sell period. There's no better place to see more good irons and trivets for sale.
  • Where can I sell some of my irons and trivets? At the PITCA Convention! There are lots of other collectors there ready-and-willing to pay fair (not unrealistic) prices. Don't bring common irons; everyone has those already.
  • Where can I meet other iron and trivet collectors? At the PITCA Convention! You'll meet new collectors, experienced collectors, owners of small collections, and owners of big collections. You won't meet snobbish collectors.
  • Where can I learn about irons and trivets? At the PITCA Convention! There are various kinds of presentations by those who know, e.g., slide shows, talks, displays and more. 
  • What is the host hotel like? It's excellent. It's clean, beautiful, has a friendly staff, a good restaurant (where a delicious buffet breakfast is included in the very reasonable room rate) and bar, and the hotel is just off the interstate. There are lots of restaurants of all types very nearby.
  • Is there someone I can talk to about this? Yes! PITCA officers are available to answer your questions and assist with membership and registration. Contact PITCA at PITCAinfo@gmail.com

The 2023 PITCA Convention will be held July 28 & 29 at the Pittsburgh Marriott North, Cranberry Township, PA.

The William (Buck) Carson Auction, Part 3 will precede the convention on Thursday, July 27th. Hartzell's Auction Gallery. 

PITCA membership includes a subscription to the Pressing News journal, published quarterly in September, December, March & June.

The March 2023 issue contains these articles: 

  1. The Irons of Theodore Ruggles Timby
  2. F.A.R.E. Pressing Iron Stand, Gas Heater and Iron
  3. Detroit Electric Heater
  4. Removing Wrinkles: Women Advancing The Technology

Would you like to view a past issue? ✰ Click Here to view six articles from the September 2021 issue plus two other articles shared from earlier issues.

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Members Only Updates ✽ MARCH

1. The March Pressing News is now available online. The printed version has been mailed.

2. There is a new Tab under Members Only: Calendar

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PITCA Officers for 2022 - 2023

Jeannie Marcus ~ President

Jerry Marcus ~ Secretary/Treasurer

Jay Raymond ~ Editor, Pressing News

Jackie Lind ~ Librarian

Lynn Rosack ~ Webmaster