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A view of Pittsburgh near downtown, along the Monongahela River. Image by Ed Rosack.

The 2nd Auction from the extensive Buck Carson Pressing Iron Collection will be held at the Pittsburgh North Marriott on Thursday, July 28th and is open to the public. Become a PITCA member and stay for the convention to follow!

37th ANNUAL PITCA CONVENTION follows on Friday & Saturday, July 29-30 at the Pittsburgh North Marriott, 100 Cranberry Woods Drive, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.

Members from all over the USA (and even a few international members) make the journey each year to attend the auction and convention, reconnect with friends, and spend a few days immersed in irons and trivets.

The PITCA Convention includes activities like Meet and Greet, Show & Tell, Member Displays, Buy & Sell and Presentations. A tour of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is planned and a catered Dinner will be served both evenings. 

Pressing Iron Enthusiasts is a Facebook discussion forum moderated by PITCA members. Check it out!

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Pressing News

PITCA membership includes a subscription to the Pressing News journal which is published quarterly in September, December, March & June. The June 2022 issue contains the following in-depth articles: 

  1. Imperial Brass Manufacturing Co.
  2. Drawings By Jessica Gondek
  3. Collecting Sprinkler Bottles: Reference Books
  4. A. E. McDonald's Implement for Ironing Hats
  5. Four More Charcoal Irons 
  6. Selling A Champion On Ebay

Would you like to read a past issue? ✰ Click Here to view six articles from the September 2021 issue plus two other articles shared from earlier issues.

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Members Only Updates ✰ JULY 2022

1. PITCA Membership Renewal is now due for the 2022-2023 club year. 

2. Don't delay! Send in your registration for the 37th ANNUAL PITCA CONVENTION. Come a day early and attend the Auction!

3. Kevin McCartney is planning to film a "Kevin Talks Irons" video at the July 2022 Convention featuring PITCA members. He invites those attending to share a favorite iron, trivet or iron-related collectible on camera. Be thinking about what you will bring!

4. Take advantage of BuySellTrade and Forum to communicate with fellow members. There are new posts to view in both areas!

5. If you're considering attending the International Meeting of Collectors of Old Flat Irons in Spain this September, please email Jeannie Marcus for additional information. 

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PITCA Officers for 2021 - 2022

Gary Douglas ~ President

Jerry Marcus ~ Secretary/Treasurer

Jay Raymond ~ Editor, Pressing News

Jackie Lind ~ Librarian

Lynn Rosack ~ Webmaster