Twenty-four families at Owatonna, Minnesota founded this group in 1984 as the Midwest Sad Iron Collectors Club. Our members range from novice to expert, and over the years our group has grown in both size and scope.

In 2008 we voted to update our name to PITCA, reflecting the diversity of our membership. Today we have members from the United States plus Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia and Switzerland. Many of our members are "virtual members", living far and wide but showing their support via the Internet. Others participate in our real world club gatherings.

Our annual convention is held each summer in the midwestern USA. Members from all over the country (and even a few international members) make the journey to reconnect with friends and spend a few days immersed in irons and trivets. 

If an Auction is scheduled it usually precedes the convention on Thursday. The PITCA Convention then follows on Friday and Saturday, including activities like Meet and Greet, Show & Tell, Member Displays, Buy & Sell and Presentations. A tour of a local attraction is usually included and a catered Dinner is served both evenings. Check out our Photo Albums under the Conventions tab to better appreciate how much we anticipate and enjoy these activities.

We welcome you to our website and hope you find your visits here both interesting and beneficial. And we sincerely invite you to check out our CLUB BENEFITS, then accept our invitation to JOIN PITCA! You won't find a nicer group of collectors ... people you will soon call friends. 

PITCA membership includes a subscription to the Pressing News. Our latest issue, published in September 2019, contains the following in-depth articles: 

  1. The Bailey Wringer Machine
  2. Three Books, New to Us
  3. An Index for Pressing News
  4. Ferrophilia Multiforme (humor)
  5. Goffering Irons II: Production and Decoration
  6. Triway Combination Iron - Stove - Toaster
  7. The "Geese Eating Corn" Iron
  8. P.W. Lamb

Interested in learning more? View a past issue of the Pressing News.

Read the Update about the 2021 International Iron Meeting in Malaga, Spain. 

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PITCA Officers for 2019 - 2020

James Mattimore ~ President

Jerry Marcus ~ Secretary/Treasurer

Jay Raymond ~ Editor, Pressing News

Jackie Lind ~ Librarian

Lynn Rosack ~ Webmaster

Member Updates for NOVEMBER 2019

In the Members Only Section:

1. The September edition of the Pressing News has been posted.

2. The inaugural Index to the Pressing News is now available. 

3. The 2019-2020 PITCA Member Directory has been updated as of September 2019.

4. Be a PITCA ambassador! Print Flyers and distribute to friends and local antique outlets.

Other Information:

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