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Pressing News

PITCA membership includes a subscription to the Pressing News journal which is published quarterly in September, December, March & June. The September 2021 issue contains the following in-depth articles: 

  1. The Secret History of the Bed Stick
  2. Four Charcoal Irons
  3. Chable's Self-Heating Sad Iron
  4. Lords & Ladies Of Portland (England)
  5. Sad Iron Stands: Part Two
  6. The Early History & Growth of PITCA
  7. Xcelda Gas Iron
  8. Gold In Those Irons (gold plated)
  9. Out Of The Blue (blued sheet iron)
  10. Smoothing & Sad Irons (catalog pages)

Click Hereto view six articles from the September 2021 issue + two other articles shared from earlier issues.

The YouTube series Kevin Talks Irons, by PITCA members Kate & Kevin McCartney, is intended to educate and entertain the avid collector, beginning collector, antique shop owner, picker and novice alike. Each of these 38 videos is a mini lesson on a different topic about irons. See the entire list of videos in the series.

Pressing Iron Enthusiasts is a Facebook discussion forum moderated by PITCA members where we share and discuss pressing irons and other laundry day collectibles. Check it out!

PITCA Officers for 2021 - 2022

Gary Douglass ~ President

Jerry Marcus ~ Secretary/Treasurer

Jay Raymond ~ Editor, Pressing News

Jackie Lind ~ Librarian

Lynn Rosack ~ Webmaster

Members Only Updates * NOVEMBER 2021

1. Check out Zoom Gathering Info for highlights of our most recent gathering on November 20th.  

2. Earlier issues of the Pressing News, in reverse order, are in the process of being scanned. These issues predate Jay Raymond assuming the position of Editor in September 2014. See the tab Earlier Pressing News.

3. The September issue of the Pressing News Journal is posted along with an updated Membership Directory & revised Index to the Pressing News.

4. Take advantage of the Discussion Forum and Buy-Sell-Trade to communicate with fellow members.

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