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★ Most Recent Video: #48 Ober Sad Irons

PITCA members Kevin and Kate McCartney live in Caribou, Maine. With Kate filming and Kevin narrating, together they have produced a series of 48 videos about iron collecting, all posted on YouTube.

Kevin, an antique iron collector, discusses a wide variety of topics related to antique pressing irons. This series is intended to educate and entertain the avid collector, beginning collector, antique shop owner, pickers and novices alike. Each video is a mini lesson on a different topic about irons.

See the entire list of videos in the series as well as the Video Index, sorted by topic. 

The Pressing News

PITCA membership includes a subscription to the Pressing News journal, published quarterly. The current SEPTEMBER 2021 issue contains the following in-depth articles: 

  1. The Secret History of the Bed Stick
  2. Four Charcoal Irons
  3. Chable's Self-Heating Sad Iron
  4. Lords & Ladies Of Portland (England)
  5. Sad Iron Stands: Part Two
  6. The Early History & Growth of PITCA
  7. Xcelda Gas Iron
  8. Gold In Those Irons (gold plated)
  9. Out Of The Blue (blued sheet iron)
  10. Smoothing & Sad Irons (catalog pages)

The Pressing News is a valuable benefit of membership! Past issues dating to 2014 are available online for reading and/or printing by members. View a past issue.

Pressing Iron Enthusiasts is a Facebook forum created in November 2020 & moderated by PITCA members. Irons and other laundry day collectibles are shared & discussed. Click the Facebook icon to visit!

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Members Only Updates for September 2021

1. Did you miss the Sept 11th Zoom Gathering? Check out Zoom Gathering Info for highlights of that meeting, including discussion of this little advertising piece found by Kevin McCartney.

2. The September issue of the Pressing News Journal is posted. These newly updated pdf files are available for printing and/or viewing.

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