Reference Books for Pressing Iron Collectors


Berney, Esther: A Collector's Guide To Pressing Irons & Trivets, 1977. Over 800 items are illustrated and described, including irons, trivets, advertising cards, patent papers, and pages from brochures and catalogs.

Geisert, Jim & Robin: Tuesday’s Reflections: A 30-Year Perspective, 2007. This is a beautifully photographed, self-published softbound catalog of the little irons and trivets in their collection. It makes a nice modern complement to the Politzer books but can be hard to find. 

Glissman, A. H.: The Evolution Of The Sad Iron, 1970. This is considered the first definitive text on pressing irons.

Irons, David: Irons By Irons, 1994; More Irons By Irons, 1997; and Even More Irons By Irons, 2000. These three books will answer any question you have about a pressing iron. See Dave Iron's ad in the PITCA store for more information.

Politzer, Judy: Tuesday's Children1977 and Early Tuesday Morning1986Politzer’s two books are packed with information on toy-sized irons and their matching trivets. The sole-plate of each iron is traced to assist in identification. Note: Both books are sold in the PITCA Store.

Raymond, Jay: Streamlined Irons, 2008. A great reference for anyone with an interest in vintage electric irons. See Jay Raymond's ad in the PITCA store for more information.

Tonnekreek, Ton van der: Strijk Te Kijk (Show And Tell), 2009. Four centuries of irons and other related implements. Lavishly illustrated with many color plates. This book is hard to find.

Reference Books for Trivet Collectors

Berney,Esther: A Collector's Guide To Pressing Irons & Trivets, 1977. There is an entire chapter devoted entirely to trivets. 

Deeley, Robert with Andrew Crawforth & David Pearsall: The Cauldron, The Spit & The Fire, 2011. Includes several pages illustrating 18th and 19th century trivets and footmen.

Hankenson, Dick: Trivets Book 1 and Trivets Book 21972. Dick Hankenson’s books were the first pertaining exclusively to trivets. 

Kelly, Rob Roy and Ellwood, James: A Collector's Guide To Trivets & Stands1990.  This book contains information on foundries and casting, trivet makers and distributors, trivet designs, and how to date a trivet. There are nearly thirteen hundred trivets pictured, along with notes on dimensions, markings, availability, and value. 

Mitchell, Hazel: British Iron Stands (1991). This spiral bound book was assembled for the 8th International Congress of Iron Collectors. Only 100 numbered copies of this work were published, so finding a copy can be challenging.

Politzer, Judy: Tuesday's Children (1977) and Early Tuesday Morning (1986)Politzer’s two books are packed with information on toy-sized irons and their matching trivets. Note: Both books are sold in the PITCA Store.

Rosack, Margaret Lynn: The A-Z Guide To Collecting Trivets, 2004 and The Expanded A-Z Guide To Collecting Trivets, 2010. The first book contains introductory information and presents the more commonly found trivets. The second book expands on the first book, intrducing a wider variety of trivets.

Slesin, Suzanne and Rozensztroch, Daniel: Everyday Things Wire, 1994. The history of wireware is discussed and both trivets and sadiron stands are illustrated.

Reference Books ~ Go-Withs

Raymond, Jay: Mangle Boards of Northern Europe, 2015. This is the long awaited, definitive text on mangle boards, featuring 267 boards presented in full color in a beautiful 12″ x 15″ coffee-table sized book.

Bercovici, Bryson and Gilham: Collectibles for the Kitchen, Bath and Beyond, 2nd Edition, 2001. This book contains a 22 page illustrated chapter detailing the most collectible ceramic, plastic and glass sprinkler bottles.

Maxwell, Lee: Save Women's Lives, 2003. The first and only book containing a comprehensive history of washing machines.