Mangle Boards

"The smoothing board, or mangle board, has its roots in Scandinavia and Europe. The smoothing board has two components - the flat board with handle and the roller stick which is about 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Tp use the smoothing board, the dampened fabric is folded in panels and wrapped (rolled) tightly around the roller. Using a flat surface like a table, the smoothing board is then pressed (at right angles) down on the rolled fabric and wood roller stick. By applying pressure in a rolling manner, the fabric is pressed and then removed from the roller." David Irons, More Irons By Irons, page 17.

Mangle Boards at the Center for Art in Wood, 2017

This video was made in conjunction with the exhbition of mangle boards in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 21-July 22, 2017, which PITCA member Jay Raymond curated.  

Here is Jay Raymond's  Curator's Statement.

And here are individual photographs of the Mangle Boards.