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Having organized his life to allow ample time for friends, family and following his nose, Jay Raymond had the time to create his first book Streamlined Irons in 2008. His second book Mangle Boards of Northern Europe was published in 2015.

Jay's career has taken him from an art degree at Temple University to heating contractor, from building inspector to faculty member of the Barnes Foundation (Merion, PA), and from restaurant maître d' to handyman. He is also a poet and, in the past four years, a leader in the movement to preserve the integrity and intent of the Barnes Foundation's art and education.

Born in Philadelphia in 1954, Jay began collecting streamlined irons in the early 1980s. He now resides in Frenchtown, NJ. Jay was PITCA President for 1999-2000 and has served as Editor of the PITCA Pressing News Journal since 2014.