Viewing the collections of others is both a pleasure and a learning experience. PITCA members have shared a few views of their own collections here. We hope these images provide inspiration for creating your own in-home trivet display(s).

A Cork Board Display

A simple cork bulletin board and push pins attractively display a collection of small toy trivets. From the collection of Lynn R., Florida.

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Hanging Trivets


Q: Any suggestions as to the best way to hang iron trivets on a wall?

A: Although very large/long trivets trivets or those with with longer legs are best displayed on shelves, others are easily displayed on walls. Some hang their trivets with nails. Wall anchors and cup hooks both work well on drywall but the downside is having to eventually fill those holes and retouch with paint. Hanging wired trivets on regular 10# picture hooks also works well. But for a more decorative finish, try decorative pin hangers. which are available at most hardware stores or on Amazon.

Wire works best for fashioning a hook and is available in several finishes - silver, brass, copper and green florist wire. Avoid using pipe cleaners as they can absorb humidity, potentially causing spots of tarnish (on brass) or rust (on cast iron).


Q: Some of my  trivets have longer legs. Any suggestions to securely hang these?

A: Trivets with longer leg lengths require a wire loop that extends at least as far as the legs. From the reverse, the loop can be attached near the top of the trivet or somewhere along the upper third. Regardless, depending on the size and weight of the trivet, you might need a stronger picture hook. OOK Picture Hangers that accept 2 or 3 nails provide additional support for larger and/or heavier trivets.